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Dining A Quartet of Gourmet Hot Chocolates


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Chocaholics beware! The Lobby is set to introduce a quartet of gourmet hot chocolates to its outstanding beverage menu, offering a range of delicious flavours to suit any sweet tooth. Made with imported Vietnamese chocolate from esteemed chocolatier Cabosse, each brew is perfectly crafted with melted chocolate and blended with a variety of distinctive ingredients to harness the natural flavours of the cocoa bean.

The classic Grand Cru embraces the intensity and depth of true 72% dark chocolate, expressing a wonderful balance of velvety richness and mouthwateringly sharp bitter accents. Price at RMB 128*/glass.

The Spiced variety  offers a Middle Eastern-inflected infusion with aromatic spices such as cinnamon and fennel, elevating the Grand Cru to greater levels of fragrant equilibrium. Price at RMB 128*/glass.

Coconut Hot Chocolate made with 38% cocoa chocolate caters for those who desire the decadence of milk chocolate with a gentle tropical riff. Price at RMB 118*/glass.

The Raspberry White Chocolate delivers a fruity twist with the subtle tartness of fresh raspberries, balanced with the milky mildness of white chocolate. Price at RMB 108*/glass.

For a decadent after-hours treat, add a short of rum, whiskey of cognac to any beverage for an additional RMB 60*.

All prices are subject to a 16.6% surcharge.